Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 review Another one in

“It was back in February 2008 that the XPERIA lineup was born and it took Sony Ericsson almost two years to bring about the XPERIA X1 successor. The long waiting is over now and the XPERIA X2 is keen to prove to us all it was worth it.Both devices obviously have lots of features in common (it’s the same amount of memory – both RAM and ROM, and the same CPU) but there are – possibly – enough improvements to make the XPERIA X2 a strong successor and a valuable upgrade. And by telling you that, we don’t only mean the more recent version of WinMo. 6.5 was never officially compatible with the original. Anyway, the upgraded imaging is the greatest asset of the XPERIA X2 hardware and we’re about to see how much it works in its favor.” Read more here:

HTC Magic’s Sense update ready for download

An updated ROM is now available for HTC Magic customers to download. As always, HTC is committed to providing customers with the best possible mobile experience.
Installation Instructions:

ROM Version:3.05.401.3

Improved Functions
This ROM Upgrade for your HTC Magic will let you experience HTC Sense on your phone. HTC Sense lets you create a phone just right for you. You can customize your experience to be any way you like. Discover intuitive experiences that make everything you do on your phone effortless and delightful.” Check it here: