Nokia X6 Firmware updated to v12

Nokia X6 Firmware Update

“It’s been making its way around the various territories in the last few days, and now we’re happy to say that we have the updated firmware running on the Nokia X6 here at AAS (link to our review). The update to v12.0.091 can be installed (once available) either Over the Air or via the Nokia Software Updater on your PC. Even though your data should be preserved during the update, we would always recommend backing up any phone before an update is started. The X6 is a phone that we’ve heavily reviewed since its release, and while it had a lot of promise, not least as the first Nokia touch-screen device with a capacitive screen, it had a number of bugs, especially in the Music Player application. I’m now off to listen to as much Eurovision and Iron Maiden as I can to see if I can still break it. One thing to note, at the end of the update, I was offered a chance to take a short web-based survey on my experiences. First time I’ve seen this. I wonder if they’ll take note of me asking for a change-log to be supplied?” More here:

HTC Incredible Leaks with Android 2.1, WVGA Screen

“It looks like HTC is launching its HTC Touch HD2 similarly in Android world, comes with Android 2.1, Sense UI and 1GHz Snapdragon cpu. The leaked photos on pocketnow are also revealing a dual LED flash camera module at its back. According to pocketnow, the display screen could be AMOLED for better battery performance and has a size of around 3.5 – 3.7-inch. The HTC Incredible name is heard since end of last year, it is said to be developed for Verizon Wireless in US, which will be a CDMA phone.” via