Sony Working on an PlayStation Phone and an iPad Competitor


“Sony is working on a pair of mobile devices that will be able to play games created for the PlayStation Portable and the original PlayStation console, according to a new report.One of these will be the long-expected PSP-phone, while the other will be a larger device designed to go up against the Apple iPad.At this point, information on both the devices is extremely sketchy. Nothing is known about their actual design, just what they are intended to do.The smartphone will be something like a PlayStation Portable that also allows users to make voice calls.The second model is going to be a mobile game console, e-book reader, and a netbook. It is not known if it will have the same tablet shape as Apple’s iPad.Both these devices will be able to get games, music, and video from a new iTunes-like service that Sony is expected to unveil next month.
Android? Maybe
The gaming-oriented smartphone is reportedly being designed in cooperation with Sony Ericsson, a partnership created to bring Sony technology and expertise to mobile phones.This company will soon introduce its first model running Google’s Android OS, raising the possibility that the PSP-phone could also use this free and open-source operating system.Whatever its design and specifications turn out to be, Sony’s gaming-oriented smartphone and netbook-type device are supposedly going to be released at some point in 2010.” via