Video: Symbian Three Walkthrough

“David Rivas, a VP at Nokia, gives a nice walkthrough of the upcoming Symbian Three OS. It’s a fairly detailed look at the platform and there is attention given to the user experience, such as the customisable homescreen option. It’s also nice to see how much more finger friendly this platform seems to be. Performance is also given a look with some figures being touted, and which all boil down to something in the region of x3 the performance, in terms of graphics, over Symbian 60 5th Edition. It’s also good to see the general user enhancements being worked on and the flow of the OS over previous versions. Also worth noting is that they talk about ‘true multi-tasking’ instead of ‘freezing’ apps, a bit of a potshot at Microsoft over how Windows Phone 7 Series ahndles multi-tasking.” via