Unreal on Palm is unreal, webOS gets Unreal Engine 3 games

“Palm and Epic Games demonstrated Unreal Engine 3 up and running on the Palm’s webOS. It looks really awesome and the game developers have already a free access to it. Let the unreal games begin now! During the Game Developer Conference (GDC) Palm and Epic Games definitely succeeded in making an impression with the getting the Unreal Engine 3 running under Palm’s webOS. As you can see from the video below, the graphics and special effects look fantastic and the sheer gaming potential looks awesome. Earlier this week Palm released their Plug-In Development Kit (PDK), which specifically targets the game developers. It is a plug-in for the webOS SDK that allows easy porting of standard and OpenGL (1.1 or 2.0) apps and mixing those with C/C++ code.The game developers are welcomed to download the Unreal Development Kit and build games with Unreal Engine 3 and now that the Palm’s PDK is available, we expect to see some fascinating products in the near future.By the way the Palm’s Plug-In Development System (PDK) is a powerful tool for porting iPhone games to the webOS too, so we might see some popular iPhone apps ported to webOS very soon.The distribution possibilities for such “mixed” apps is quite limited for now, but it will be possible with the next webOS update.” via gsmarena.com