TomTom iPhone App Version 1.3 Adds HD Traffic Updates and Day Night Mode

TomTom listened to our concerns in the navigation app battlemodo, and has not only been dropping the price steadily since, but has just released update 1.3 for its iPhone app—which comes with live traffic updates aplenty.

Traffic updates will be received every three minutes, so you’ll know of any road incidents or traffic speed problems before you actually get there. It’ll cost you though—an extra $19.99 a year if you live in the US, or you can purchase HD Traffic updates per day, month, quarter or year in the UK, for as little as 59p. Why not give the US flexi-pricing eh, TomTom?

Other features included at no extra cost are: Google Local Search for finding restaurants etc, automatic day/night mode for adjusting screen brightness, music fading whenever a command is given, and the ability to save locations from other apps and browsers into TomTom. Pinch and zoom has also been adopted, for better views of maps.” via