Toshiba TG01 gets the WinMo 6.5 upgrade

It was about time that Toshiba TG01 got the long awaited upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.5. TG01 users can download it straight away and enjoy the goodies it brings. The good news comes about 6 months later than expected, but better late than never, right?

The refreshed user interface alone is worth paying a visit to Toshiba’s support website where you can find the free WinMo 6.5 update waiting for you.

There aren’t too many new features that version 6.5 of the Microsoft OS puts on the table compared to Windows Mobile 6.1. Still, Toshiba TG01 users will also get access to the Microsoft Marketplace and the My Phone service. On top of that you will also be able to revamp your homescreen.

So, if you own a Toshiba TG01 and it still runs the old WinMo 6.1 you can follow that link and give the Windows Mobile 6.5 a try. And be sure to read the instructions before you start the procedure.” via