Major Firmware Update Nokia For E55 Now Available

Just want to give everyone a quick heads up that latest firmware update ( to for Nokia’s most compact messaging device, the Nokia E55 is now available for most of the generic product codes as FOTA update ‘Firmware Over The Air’ (4MB) and is expected to be available through the Nokia Software Updater as well. Unfortunately detailed change log is not available at the moment but as you would imagine, the firmware update is always recommended because it usually improves the performance and reliability! Nokia E55 has the UDP but it is anyway highly suggestible to back up your phone memory before performing a firmware update just as precaution measure in case something goes wrong..” More here:

Ovi Maps for mobile updated, and a few words about positioning


Written by Kee, Ovi Maps team
“Firstly many thanks for your comments! These have been extremely helpful for both the current release and future ones. As you might have noticed, yesterday we updated the Ovi MapsBeta page with a newer version. There are no major changes but we’ve tweaked it here and there to improve the stability and fix a number of installation problems. As we approach the final stages of this release we would like to ask you to continue reporting your feedback via the forums and provide your thoughts via the surveys on the Beta Labs page – we really appreciate these!A number of you have been asking us to explain the new “positioning” in Ovi Maps – especially now that we have replaced the “GPS indicator bar” from the bottom right hand corner of the screen.Basically, here is how it works…..The GPS position is indicated with a red dot and the map zooms in to a certain zoom level to provide a good overview.There is no visual difference between GPS positioning (picture below) and the WiFi positioning at the moment but we are looking to improve this in future releases.For cell-ID positioning we show a halo (the red circle around the dot – as shown below). When you have a position fix and you don’t interact with the map, we pan the map to your position fix and zoom in or out to display the whole halo.If you zoom in, the halo will get more transparent until it’s not visible anymore to avoid a full screen overlay of the map. When you zoom out, the halo gets less transparent to show you that the position is not accurate.When there is no position fix or the position gets lost, there is a grey dot on the last known position (if there is one) and the “back-to-my-position” (top left hand corner) button is blinking. Also, you can see on the top information bar that it will display “Searching for position” – as shown in the example below.I hope this has provided a better understanding to the new positioning and we’ll be back soon to discuss some of our new ideas with you to make this even better.”

Sprint Touch Pro2 Officially Upgraded to Windows Mobile 6.5

“We’re seeing a lot of talk about software upgrades this week, aren’t we? There must be something in the air. This time around, it’s an update that’s probably been awaited more than another, and that’s a pretty bold statement. For all those HTC Touch Pro2 owners out there, rocking the device on the Now Network, your time has finally come, as Windows Mobile 6.5 is finally here for your downloading pleasure.

The update to Windows Mobile 6.5 is a much needed step forward for the Touch Pro2. While the hardware is great, the software has been severely lacking, since, well, day one. But, now that we’ve got WinMo 6.5 to add to those devices, we can finally say that the device is ready to move into the future (even if the future does, in fact, end here). What do you get when you do update your handset? You’ll get the standard improvements to HTC’s Sense User Interface, some more social network integration, and it provides a few minor bug fixes.

Your phone should look like a brand new machine when you get this update up and running. And that’s never a bad thing. If you’re a Sprint customer running around with a Touch Pro2, please let us know how the update process goes for you, and what you think of 6.5. Was it worth the wait?” via

New fring Android version with brand new look, dialer and more!

Great news for our Android fringsters- only a few months ago fring’s launched its 1st Android version with the world’s 1st ever Skype VoIP calls and the version is quickly catching up with fring’s other leading platforms. Today’s version includes a new buddy list look, brand-new profile screen and the long-anticipated dialer, among other improvements.First, we’ve updated the buddy list and made it a lot friendlier. The new buddy list features your friends’ picture and mood line as does your call screen.Personalize your profile! The new version comes with a new personalized profile, where you can upload a picture & edit your mood, your email address and phone number, all at the click of a button.Then, you asked for it and you got it- we’ve added a dialer screen (including DTMF), so you can dial in numbers during a call. Lastly, you’ll love the voice improvements, Links support in the chat screen and other bug fixes we’ve added to this version, to make sure you get an even better communication experience. So, now you have even more reasons to make sure you get the latest version today, because fring’s just gotten a lot more social on Android! Download the new version here.