LG GW620 review: Start up package

“LG are not quite making Android headlines. Catching up with local rivals Samsung is obviously not the first thing on their mind. Not to mention that HTC are desperately out of reach. Alright, Android is not LG’s pet project but they’re not completely droid-phobic either.
The company’s first Android smartphone is a good example of that. Released without much notice, it doesn’t put anything new on the table. The LG GW620 wasn’t meant to anyway. It stays focused on social networking and gives the company’s loyal users a taste of Android.
Those who tried and liked the Cookie (in all shapes and flavors) are treated to a more substantial meal. On the LG GW620, Android is in a way served in dumb phone guise – to make loyal users feel at home and give the device some background and identity.
Good looks and friendly feel, the GW620 has the right feature pack to get you started on Android. It’s a midrange device for the young, and some of its shortcomings should be easy to forgive. Or shall we say – less noticeable from where the Cookie stands. The touchscreen should’ve been capacitive perhaps. And the Android version 1.5 must’ve made a lot more sense at launch (a couple of months back) than it does now.
That aside, the LG GW620 is still a solid midrange offer – especially for upgraders coming from a feature phone. Reasonably priced and quite likely to be carrier-supported, the GW620 will treat users to a very practical side-sliding QWERTY keyboard, fast data support, Wi-Fi and stereo Bluetooth. There’s also an inbuilt GPS receiver, a digital compass and a 5-megapixel autofocus camera.” Read more here: