Research In Motion Finally Publicly Releases Official Twitter Client for BlackBerry

“Twitter’s a service that, no matte what phone you have, you want to be able to access your tweets, one way or another. It’s a micro-blogging network that’s grown at an incredible rate over the last couple years, with no end in sight. And companies like Research In Motion, with their stalwart BlackBerry line of devices in millions of customer’s hands, finally wanted to get in on the good stuff. So, pushing UberTwitter for the platform aside, they’ve finally publicly released their official Twitter client for BlackBerry. The service actually went public last night, starting at 6PM PST, 9PM EST. You can download it right now from BlackBerry’s App World, where it should come up as a free download. Surprisingly enough, there’s quite a few good features linked with the official application. For example, if you’re someone who gets a lot of direct messages, you can actually have them directly shipped to your Inbox, rather than just sitting in your DM list on Twitter. Other features include getting your mentions the instant they hit your side of Twitter. In fact, your device can be set to vibrate every time you get a mention, which, for some, may be the perfect way to know that people are talking about you. The application also supports customization to the app itself, Lists, and you can choose whether to show or hide the navigation bar/tweet box at the top of the application, to save screen space. As was mentioned above, the application is available right now and it’s free, so go ahead and check it out for us. Of course, don’t forget to let us know what you think.” via