Samsung I5500 is a Corby that runs Android 2.1 Eclair?

“We’ve seen Samsung Corby phones in a variety of shapes and sizes, but now rumor has it that a new member of the group – the Samsung I5500 Corby – will run Android and become the first Corby to earn a smartphone degree.
We don’t know much about this new Corby, except that it recently got a Wi-Fi certification for the b/g/n protocols. It received FCC certification as well, so we’re looking at 3G, Bluetooth and GPS for the Samsung I5500. The camera resolution is unknown, but it probably won’t be more than 3MP.
The rumors add Android 2.1 Eclair and Corby branding to the mix and an expected price of 200 euro putting it at the low end of the price range for an Android phone.
We don’t have a photo of the Samsung I5500 Corby yet – the photo on the left is a quick mockup. In-the-wild photos can’t be far behind though.” via

Android 2.1 Takes Lead, 37% Of Users

“It wasn’t all that long ago (just the other week in fact) that Android 1.5 was the king of the Android ecosystem with ana stonishing 38% of Android users. However, it’s all change now that a spate of devices have received the upgrade to Android 2.1, which now commands a 37.2% share of the Android userbase. By comparison the last Android survey had 2.1 on just 27%. Android 1.5 is still in a comfortable second place with 34.1% and 1.6 brings up the read with 28%. Obviously it’s good for devs (and Google) that 2.1 has taken the lead and things are becoming a bit more homogenised, but there is still fragmentation and of course Android 2.2 will son be upon us to muddy the waters still further. Those who now have the latest version (2.1) will soon find themselves running old firmware again when 2.2 is launched. This fragmentation is one of the big issues currently facing Android and with no end in sight (at least in the short term) those running the older versions will just have to be patient for newer apps whilst their manufacturer/network readies an update for them.” via