RIM BlackBerry Pearl 3G Now Available from Rogers Through Best Buy

“So, while wireless carriers in the United States continue to bicker amongst themselves (yes, that’s what we picture in our heads) about who doesn’t want the BlackBerry Pearl 3G, it looks like Rogers up in Canada is all sorts of excited about the new iteration of the Pearl series from the company in Waterloo. But, just like the white BlackBerry Bold 9700 we brought to your attention yesterday, this one’s not from the wireless carrier itself. Instead, you’ll have to find your way to a Best Buy up there in the Great North to get your hands on this little guy. It’s looking like it’s of the burgundy persuasion, so if you can stand not having a black/chrome BlackBerry, maybe this will be your next device. It’s the 9100 model, which means you’ll get the QWERTY keyboard, along with the other standard features, like WiFi, GPS, and Bluetooth. If you’re into the whole contract thing, then if you sign your life away for three years, you’ll be looking at a reasonable price of $79.99. If not, and you want to just buy the phone out-right, you’ll have to pull out $449.99. But, if you do get yourself one, come on by and let us know what you think of it. We’re definitely interested to hear your thoughts.” via slashphone.com