Video: Blackberry 9800 Shows Up Again

“The upcoming 9800 Blackberry Slider that we’ve all being seeing so much of late has made another appearance, this time in a pretty sweet little hands-on video. The video covers pretty much all the basics of using the device and is a nice intro to what you can expect from this handset. Keep an eye out for the web browser being used, some multi-touch gestures in use there although the whole thing seems a bit jittery, but then this probably isn;t a final release model. Take a look whilst you can because there’s a fair chance RIM might want to pull this video before too long. Oh and notice the splash screen at the start of the video … AT&T.” via

SPB Mobile Shell launched for Symbian!

“With recent Gartner statistics showing that Symbian smartphones are the fastest-selling mobiles in the world, SPB Software is catering to the huge demand for customisation and personalisation on Symbian platform-based devices.

“Up until now there hasn’t been a good user interface for Symbian, despite the number of users out there,” said Sebastian-Justus Schmidt, CEO of SPB Software. “Our aim is to bring our experience with Windows Mobile users to Symbian (and other OS) enthusiasts. Last year we launched six projects for the Symbian platform and partnered with Nokia, StarHub and MTS, customising and helping implement the products for Symbian. The simple implementation process means manufacturers and mobile operators can easily customise the products on a variety of platforms to offer the same capabilities to all users.”

SPB Mobile Shell was initially launched in 2007 and has seen global success with many award wins and several million licences being shipped by more than 15 device manufacturers. SPB Software has also joined the Symbian Foundation, the organisation which manages the open source Symbian platform, to ensure its applications can truly meet its users’ and community’s needs.

SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 for is available for Symbian-based touchscreen devices (works on Symbian S60 version 5 devices onwards) from 25 May 2010. It can be purchased for $29.95 or a 15-day free trial version may be downloaded here.”