Apple iPhone OS 4.0 Review

Apple iPhone  OS  4.0: Multitasking“To close apps, you bring up the multi-tasking dock and then tap and hold an icon for a few seconds, which will give all the currently-running applications a red circle and a minus sign. Tap on the one you want to close, or you can swipe to the left or right to quit all applications.
Let’s look at an example: say you are using the Skype application to make a phone call. What happens if you get a text message while still on a Skype call? Before, you would have to close the Skype application, go to the messaging app, read the message, leave the app, return to the Skype app, and start the phone call again. Now, Skype can simply be running in the background while you respond to a text message, check baseball scores, or even while taking a picture. This feature really allows you to get more done at once, and is extremely easy to use.” Read more here: