Samsung Unveils Tablet The Galaxy Tab

“With tablet frenzy ramping up in the wake of the iPad launch Samsung have unveiled a tablet of their own and it’s looking like a giant version of the Galaxy S. The tablet, known as the Galaxy Tab, was introduced through Samsung South Africa’s Twitter feed and they helpfully released some details about it too. For instance, that screen you see is a 7” TFT display, not an AMOLED display. Whilst that may disappoint some it’s both understandable and hardly surprising. Understandable because producing an AMOLED display that size would liekly make this one hell of an expensive tablet and unsurprising because of the global shortage of AMOLED displays right now. There were, however, rumours a fe wmonths ago of a Samsung tablet running with an AMOLED display and the tweet from Samsung referred to this tablet as “this particular one”, which would seem to suggest there are more tablet devices in the works so who knows? As for the rest of its specs there isn;t much information at the moment, but what we do know is that it’s running Android with Samsung’s TouchWiz UI sitting in top. There is support for 3G connectivity and if you look to the bottom left of the picture you will see a phone icon, which would indicate the Galaxy Tab can make and receive phone calls, whether this requires a headset or not isn’t known for sure at the moment. Pricing etc is obviously unknown at this stage, but surely it can’t be too far from launch?” via