Blackberry OS 6.0 Run through video

“ has poste dup a nice video of them taking Blackberry OS 6.0 through its paces. The OS was running on a prototype of the Blackberry 9670, a clamshell CDMA handset that is heading for America’s Sprint network. Driphter were able to confirm features in the OS such as customisable icns on the homescreen and the inclusion of a new search feature. On the difference between OS 6.0 and OS 5.0 the main points seem to be the contacts list, which has been refreshe din 6.0 and the look of the media player. You are also able to set messages with different colours for easy identification e.g. you can set a specific colour for freinds and family. OS 6.0 is shipping with apps pre-installed for accessing both Twitter and YouTube, something many other paltforms are already doing. Make sure you check out the video to see the full run through.” via