Acer Liquid E for Rogers Wireless Reviewed by SlashGear

“As far as Android devices go, some might consider them a dime a dozen. But, that doesn’t mean they don’t stand out just on their own merits. For example, when you’re technically the first company out there to put a 1GHz Snapdragon processor in an Android device, that should count for something. Even if Android is all over the place. For Acer, their Liquid handsets are not the most attractive out there, but they do have their shining moments. And thanks to our friends at SlashGear, we get a full-blown review of the device. So, is it worth it? Or has Acer just made another one to pass up?” Read more here:

Most Popular Apps Across Mobile OS

“Nielsen, the ratings company, have conducted a survey of the most popular apps across a range of mobile OS platforms. The results make for interesting, if somewhat unsurprising reading. Facebook comes out on top across all platforms surveyed as the most downloaded application used with one glaring exception; Android. It does manage to muster a pretty convincing second place on Android, but is a good bit behind Android’s most downloaded app, Google Maps. On the iPhone and Blackberry platforms Facebook reigns supreme, indeed Blackberry Facebook downloads make it the front runner by a wide margin and in a reversal from the Android stats Google Maps is beat into second place pretty convincingly. You can check out the positions of different apps for yourself in the chart.” via