Windows Phone 7 powered HTC Mozart leaks, due in October

“It seems Windows Phone 7 is closer than we thought judging by the leaked roadmap of the Australian carrier Telstra. It hints of an unannounced HTC Mozart running WP7, which is expected in October.
So far there was no official launch date of Windows Phone 7, but this leaked Telstra’s roadmap shows HTC Mozart is targeting to launch this October.
Even more, Mozart will be sold for free on a AUS $49 plan (43 US dollars).
HTC Mozart pictured in this roadmap is definitely a Desire mockup, but as the rumor has it, the image is close to the real deal and Mozart will also be heading for T-Mobile US.
It looks Windows Phone 7 is close to release and will not wait until the holiday season after all.” via

Ovi Store gets a refresh and new client, version 1.07

Ovi Store Ovi Store

“Nokia’s Ovi Store has been updated, with changes to both the mobile client and the publish tool used by developers. The client for S60 3rd Edition and 5th Edition has been updated, from version 1.06(18) to v1.07(12). The key changes are the introduction of ‘continuous’ pages for content lists (behaving more like the Android Marketplace or Apple App Store), improved search and an updated category structure. The Ovi Publish tool has also been updated with changes to meta-data that developers would be well advised to pay attention to. Read more here:

The Sprint Palm Pre vs. the HTC Evo 4G

Evo 4G and Palm Pre

(Ed. Note: Craig Froehle and Don Ferguson are longtime friends of us here at Android Central and Pre Central. They’re experts in the Palm OS of old and the webOS of new. And so when they offered up a in-depth comparison of the Palm Pre versus the Evo 4G, we jumped at the chance to run it.) Read more here:

iPhone OS 4 Now Available for Download

“Apple today made iOS4 available for the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G. The new system software offers a number of new features, including multitasking, threaded email, a unified inbox, folders, the Gaming Center, support for multiple Microsoft Exchange accounts, support for iBooks, and Bing search from Microsoft. The software is a free download from iTunes. Not all features are supported on the iPhone 3G, and the original iPhone won’t be able to use iOS4 at all” via