Verizon To Ship Droid X on July 15 for $199

“Verizon today launched the Droid X smartphone, confirming details pre-delivered on a teaser Web site, while adding surprises that include a pact with Adobe around Flash Player 10.1, plus a new mobile 3G Wi-Fi Hotspot for connecting the Droid X to up to five PCs and other devices. Outfitted with a Texas Instruments OMAP processor with 1 GHz processing ability, the Motorola-built Droid X – the latest in a series of Android phones from Verizon – will ship on July 15, officials of Verizon, Motorola, Google, and Adobe said in a press conference today. The device will be priced at $200 by Verizon, after a $100 rebate and with a two-year contract.

As foretold by a video on the teaser Web site, the device will also sport an 8 megapixel camera, an improvement over the 5 MP camera on the original Droid, along with a 4.3-inch WVGA screen, the largest display of any smartphone existing today. Screen resolution is 960-by-640 pixels.

The Droid X will also offer 512MB of RAM and GB of internal memory, but the internal memory will be expandable to 40GB through use of a storage card.

In presentations and a press Q&A, executives from the four companies – jokingly dubbed a new “rock band” by Google VP of Engineering Andy Rubin – also answered rumors which have swirled around the new smartphone.” Read more here: