Nokia X6 Review at brighthand!

Nokia X6 with   Symbian“Compared to the 5800 XM, the X6 is more angular (has a more Nokian feel to it). The weight in hand is excellent and aside from the lack of texture on the sides, is otherwise pretty stable in hand. It seems to have been designed for pockets, as the thin and not-as-plump design slides hidden very well. And at the same time, its understated enough not to attract attention except from those who recognize a bit of the European flair in the design (that kind of feeling you get when after seeing a row of Hondas a BMW sticks out). The X6 is the first Nokia device to use a capacitive screen. At 3.2-inches diagonally, it’s not the largest of screens, but uses the 360×640 pixel resolution of Symbian^1 well. Compared to my N97 (3.5-inch transflective and resistive screen), colors are sharper and more vivid in the red side of the spectrum. Responsiveness to touch is about the same, with the X6 showing more of a tendency to have ghosting moments — just hover the screen and an action will happen.” Read more here: