Geohot teases iPhone 4 jailbreak

“Is this the honest-to-goodness iPhone 4 jailbreak we’ve been waiting for, or just another userland JB? It’s hard to say from here… but either way, don’t expect Geohot to release it into the wild. In a mildly jaded blog post, the original iPhone hacker makes it clear that whatever he did here was for his own amusement, and judging by the title of that entry (“Meh”) the whole breaking-and-entering bit isn’t giving him quite the same chuckles it used to. That’s a shame, but we hear the iPhone Dev Team is making progress apace, so let’s leave Geohot to tackle one of his other promised hacks, mmmkay?” Via Engadget

Run Android On Windows Mobile

Curious about Android but can’t bear to leave your Windows Mobile device? How-To Geek has instructions on how to dual-boot Android on your WM device – without wiping Windows Mobile from the onboard ROM. Note that not all WM devices are supported (mostly older ones, and primarily HTC models), but this is one fun hack that you can play around with. If anyone’s brave enough to try this, let us know in the comments how you get on!

An XDA Developers Online Store?

“Keep your eyes on the as it looks like something interesting may be brewing. While XDA developers is home to some of the questionably legal software for our devices (and outright thefts of OEM’s proprietary software), it is also the home to many nifty little utilities that you may want for your phone. So an app store of hacks might prove valuable.” Via Pocketpcthoughts

Symbian 3 PDK 3.0.0 available for download, includes emulator

Emulator 1

Symbian’s Product Development Kit (PDK) 3.0.0, which is based on Symbian^3, is now available for download. This is the first PDK released since Symbian^3 attained its functionally complete status. The PDK contains a build of Symbian^3 platform, the complete source code, related utilities and an emulator. It is aimed, primarily, at platform developers and device creators, but the curious may also be interested in taking a look, as it enables you to gain a better understanding of the new version of the platform

Emulator 2

PDK 3.0.0

The 3.0.0 PDK is an important milestone for the Symbian Foundation. It represents PDK availability of the first fully open source version of the platform to reach the functionally complete stage. This is the point in time at which the Symbian Foundation believes the platform is ready for community use. ‘Using’ it could involve developing devices, creating apps, or evaluating the capabilities and performance of the release.

It is also the first release to support a full UI ROM executing on ARMv5 platforms (read more in the Symbian Foundation’s blog here). This means it is now possible to run Symbian^3, with a fully working UI, on the Zoom II reference device.

Also new in this release is the inclusion of the default Symbian^3 theme, which has been specially commissioned to give the platform a standard ‘fresh’ look. However, it should be noted that any commercial Symbian^3 projects are likely to look substantially different as manufacturers will add their own theme, styling and applications. A good example of this can be seen in the differences between the Symbian^3 emulator and the version of the software running on the Nokia N8.

Futher details on the PDK 3.0.0 release, including download instructions, are available on the Symbian Developer wiki.