Review of GSM/UMTS Smartphone T Mobile MyTouch 3G Slide

“In the beginning of June, 2010 T-Mobile released the second device running Android 2.1 OS, MyTouch 3G Slide. “Whoa!” you may say, “Hold it, mister! What was the first one?” The first one was Nexus One. Yes, it was released by Google and never sold through T-Mobile, but, if you recall, Nexus One runs 3G on 1,700 MHz, the T-Mobile band and was released for use on that network, so T-Mobile users who wanted the 2.1 experience could have submerge themselves in it already in January. You may also recall that Nexus One for other networks never materialized, so despite the fact that it was technically a non-T-Mobile phone, in real life it was, at least in the US of A. Let me also remind you that Nexus One was not just the first T-Mobile compatible Android 2.1 phone, it was the first Android 2.1 phone period. Therefore is makes it even weirder that once it was released, T-Mobile became the last of the national US carriers to have the latest Android version on its shelf. For a carrier that gave the green light to Android as a real OS with G1 (btw, another Google/HTC branded phone), the carrier that is in a serious fight for a market share and is very aggressive with its calling plans, such a delay is inexcusable.” Read more here:

Apple Antenna Problem Is There, Free Phone Case to Solve It

“Are you one of the 0.55% iPhone 4 users that care about the signal reception? On the latest press conference, Apple has explained that its antenna design flaw is simply common and happens among all the smartphones. Other than providing a free protection case to anyone that bought an iPhone 4 before September 30, the company will allow a full refund without restocking fee to you if you want. The free protection case that would prevent the signal losing problem might not be the Apple bumper case as the production can not meet the demand. Check out the full report on SlashGear. Other than the Antenna issue, the white iPhone 4 should be available by end of this month in limited quantities together with the iPhone 4 launches in 17 additional countries.” via