Upcoming BlackBerry webkit browser goes head to head with the iPhone 4 and Android

BlackBerry 6's WebKit-based browser bests the competition in a  good 'ol speed showdown

“Salomondrin took BlackBerry’s upcoming webkit browser — expected to debut in OS 6.0 — and ran it through its paces using a BlackBerry 9800 Slider. Salomondrin subjected the browser to several acid tests, the de facto standard for browser performance, and compared the results with the iPhone 4 and the HTC Incredible. Much to the surprise of many a reader, the BlackBerry webkit browser scored 208 on the test and outperformed both the iPhone 4 which scored 185 and the HTC Incredible which scored 151. Salomondrin also put together a nice video review which compares the current non-webkit browser with the upcoming webkit version highlighting the goodness that is to come to the world of BlackBerry.” via boygeniusreport.com