Personality Psychology Pro is ready for Android devices!

HandA huge pack of personality test & games presented in a pleasant / funny way.
By these Psychology tests & games you can realize much more about yourself and about your companion (Sexual partner).
You can analyze your personality and find out what is on your mind.
You can use this program to understand yourself, to find more about a close person or to have fun with your friends. You can even impress someone by its accurate results.
This program is a pack of:
* personality tests (> 1000 ques.),
* personality statistics and outcome
* games/fun (Graph., text, stories etc)
* birthday analysis (What tree did you fall from? etc)
* you can set up to 3 completely different users at the same time!
…and much more that will make you realize about your character learn more about psychology and of course have fun.
Compability: Devices with Android OS v1.6 or higher.
Resolutions: Tuned for: WVGA, VGA, WQVGA, QVGA, Square VGA, Square QVGA. Also compartible for all other screens including HVGA.” Check it here: