Samsung Wave (S8500) GSM/UMTS Phone Review

“It is the first Bada model, which is a new mobile platform by Samsung, as the company calls it. Every now and then, Bada is considered to be an operating system, which is far from being true. Bada stems from earlier models and is close to them both in terms of ideology and hardware. The S8500, or the Wave, is based on the Samsung S8000 Jet. To a certain degree, both models have the same hardware platform – i.e. they share the same 1 GHz processor and have comparable amounts of inbuilt memory (the Wave has slightly more), although the wireless module and many other parts are different. However, in terms of software, the Wave is obviously a direct derivative of the Jet. Both models also have the same positioning – i.e. a sensor phone for those who seek a balanced solution that allows for video playback, music listening and Web browsing out of the box. Both are “all-in-one” solutions from Samsung’s perspective. And quite successful, I should admit. The Jet was primarily marketed as a phone, which is faster and smarter than smartphones. With Bada, the situation is quite the opposite: the marketing department claims it to offer not phone but smartphone functionality. All that verbiage is not that important to end users, who care about what they get for their money. And getting the biggest bang for the buck is exactly what makes the Wave one of the most appealing sensor phones on the market.” Read more here: