webOS developer spots device with Retina matching resolution in logs

“A few weeks ago, we told you about a foursquare application developer that discovered traces of webOS 2.0 in their application logs. While the information would have been very hard to fake, it would have been technically feasible due to the fact that foursquare’s API is open source. Today, PreCentral is reporting that a closed-source game titled Cloud Hopper has discovered traces of webOS 2.0 in their logs, along with a device that has a screen resolution of 640 x 960; the same resolution as the iPhone 4’s Retina display. Whether this device is a prototype of the fabled HP webOS tablet or – fingers crossed – Palm’s next webOS smartphone, no one knows. It is nice to finally get a few snippets of information (as small as they are) to let us know that webOS hardware development is marching along… even if it is very slowly.” via boygeniusreport.com

Nokia E5 review: Textbook texter

 align=“Email used to be a part of the corporate world and now it’s increasingly becoming an essential means of communication for the lot of us – not just the white-collar kind. So if you can’t fight it, the best thing to do is get yourself properly equipped – and the Nokia E5 is the right tool for the job. It’s no old timer either, it knows how to deal with those newfangled social networks as well.
The E5 has skill to match the E72 down to the last spec. OK, almost. Some features have sure taken a hit (what’s with the fixed-focus 5MP camera), but that’s something most people can live with considering the lower price of the E5.
We found the Nokia C3 to be an excellent no-frills messenger. The Nokia E5 brings Symbian aboard, which accounts for many of its advantages – multitasking, Office document viewing and editing, free voice-guided navigation – you know the drill.
The Nokia E5 is probably targeted at young people stuck in a corporate environment. Or maybe it’s caught in the trend of more and more companies betting on social networking to boost sales. Whatever the reason, the Nokia E5 has pretty extensive support for social networks and IM chatting to go along with strictly-business offerings like the Microsoft Office messenger.” Read more here: