Review of the Nokia 5228 GSM Smartphone

“Nokia has jumped on the cheap sensor phone bandwagon. Lacking alternatives to the S60 platform, they are revising their first model in the lineup, the Nokia 5800. The first junior offspring became known as the Nokia 5230 (also available as the 5235 with a music subscription service). It has fewer accessories in the box, only one loudspeaker, no 3G support, revised casing, and no stylus. The difference is not that huge, especially for those who don’t need 3G. The lack of Wi-Fi appears critical, but then again, only for those who are accustomed to using such devices as smartphones and not regular phones for calls. For many owners, the Nokia 5230 is just a touch-sensitive Nokia phone, not a smartphone. And this is normal. As a result, the carriers became interested in lowering the price of the device for it to be competitive against Korean alternatives, and asked Nokia about that.” Read more here: