Nokia N8 review part 1, overview and hardware


“RAM has been doubled, free RAM almost tripled. 128MB of RAM seemed enough when the likes of the 5800 and N97 were conceived, but (predictably) the OS and applications ‘ran away’ in terms of resource requirements and most S60 5th Edition users will have hit RAM ‘memory’ limits regularly. With 256MB onboard (and following the Samsung i8910 and Sony Ericsson Satio/Vivaz), there’s plenty of free RAM for the running OS and applications. It has been argued that even the current 135MB of free RAM in the N8 may not be enough over the whole of the device’s lifetime, but its fair to say that it’s got a far better chance than the 5800 and N97 had, plus there’s the added benefit of ‘writeable demand paging’, effectively virtual memory for the OS.” Read more here: