Swype now available for Symbian^3 (N8 and C7)


Swype, an alternative text entry system, is now available, via Ovi Store, for Nokia’s Symbian^3 devices (Nokia N8 and Nokia C7). It replaces the current landscape qwerty keyboard. Words are entered by tracing one continuous finger path, spelling out the word, across an on-screen qwerty keyboard. The system also includes feature such as auto-capitalisation and spacing, intelligent editing, custom dictionary and much more. Swype provides, potentially, a faster text entry method, albeit with a small initial learning curve. In Symbian^3 the Swype keyboard is currently only available in the landscape orientation. This contrasts to the Symbian^1 beta, where the Swype keyboard is available in both portrait and landscape orientations. It seems likely that support for portrait mode in Swymbian^3 will follow in a later version.” Read more here: