WSJ Mobile OS Poll … Apple Tanking

“The Wall Street Journal has been running a poll on its website asking the public what they think the best mobile operating system is. Granted that such polls are unscientific, but it’s interesting nonetheless, especially when you see the results of this particular poll. As the poll stands at the time of writing 27,527 votes have been cast and the clear front runners are Android and Microsoft with 38.4% and 42.1% respectively. What is most surprising, however, is how far back iOS is, just 11.4% of votes. The rest of the options are hardly worth mentioning, polling barely above 3% for the most part. Apart from the fact that Apple’s iOS seems to have utterly failed to win any traction in this poll, something very interesting is going on. Just yesterday the poll gave Android a massive lead over everything else, including Microsoft, which had just 3.3% of the votes. So how come Microsoft has shot up so much in a day? The obvious answer to that question would be that someone has gamed the vote and that the votes for Microsoft are not really valid. Of course we have no way to prove that. However, what we can do is look at the poll as it stood yesterday and we see quite a different picture. Microsoft has crumbled into joint 4th place with Palm and Android is by far the clear leader. Of particular note, however, is that whether it is today or yesterday iOS, for all its claims of grabbing ‘mindshare’, doesn’t seem to have grabbed much here.” via