Review of Motorola Quench XT5 (XT502) GSM UMTS Smartphone

“The segment of entry level Android smartphones was nonexistent until recently. HTC Wildfire became the first model offered and Motorola Quench is its direct rival. Other competing handsets are Samsung Galaxy 550/580, but Motorola has a better screen with higher resolution, which is the strongest point of Quench.In the segment of accessible Android phones low resolution screens are traditionally used, but Quench is not weak in the area. This highly attractive solution can be easily recommended as the first Android phone. Away from Android world this model looks eye-catching as well and can be used as an inexpensive multi-purpose smartphone. Classical design goes hand in hand with excellent value for money. It suits customers who choose their models carefully and are ready to use the phone for a long time without looking at new gadgets. We are unlikely to get an update to 2.2 and above, but some people do not need them.” Read more here: