Nokia X6 firmware v30 now reaches around the world

Nokai X6 Firmware 30.0.003“The All About Symbian X6 seems to be at the back of the list for getting the firmware upgrades. So now that v30.0.003 has hit our handset it likely means that it is available to everyone else in the world. It’s the first update to jump from the twenties to the thirties, and brings new versions of some applications, as well as general improvements for better stability all round.Headline updates include new versions of Here and Now, ovi Maps, the Ovi Store and the Nokia Web Browser.The X6 is a great example of after sales support from Nokia. When it was first released, the X6 firmware (for the first 32GB Comes with Music devices) was one of the weakest release firmwares of the Nokia’s S60 5th Edition devices. Over time it has improved to become a strong device. I’ve been using it as my regular phone since release. While it has recently been retired by the C6-01’s arrival, it’s an honourable retirement – the sort that could see it pressed into service at a moment’s notice for other family members.” via