Nokia E6 00 looks to be the first Symbian^3 device with a VGA screen and BlackBerry form factor


“Now that CES is finally over we can start looking forward to the real trade show that focuses on the wireless industry: Mobile World Congress. Make no mistake about it, the devices you read about CES may be the most cutting edge mobile phones ever to be revealed, but they’ll quickly be rendered out of date after what’s going to be shown off in Barcelona next month. Nokia, the largest handset maker on the planet and one who is also struggling to produce products compelling enough to compete with the iPhone and Google’s Android operating system, will most definitely be announcing some devices. One of those potential devices is the E6-00, which was leaked thanks to images uploaded to Picasa and an XML file hosted on Nokia’s very own servers.Not much is known yet, except that it’ll run Symbian^3, have a screen with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, which is a first for Nokia devices, the same 8 megapixel EDoF camera that’s found in the E7, and it runs the latest version of Nokia’s web browser. Mobile Bulgaria is also saying that the E6-00 will come in a portrait QWERTY form factor, similar to the previous E72 and E71 models that also came in the “BlackBerry form factor” and sold remarkably well for their day.Will it be compelling enough to persuade disillusioned Nokia users to give the Finnish firm another shot? Can’t say. How many devices will Nokia reveal and more importantly when will they ship and how much will they cost? We’ll find out in a few short weeks. Are we hoping, desperately hoping, that Nokia shows off something that’s even remotely cool? Absolutely. Watching them struggle like this isn’t fun, especially if you own their stock.” via