Sony Ericsson Released New Update For XPERIA X10 & X8

“Sony Ericsson has finally released a new update for both Xperia X10 and X8. Mainly, they added pinch-zoom multitouch to the X10 and enabling ANT+ support for the X8. As for the multitouch, it will worked for the browser and Google Maps.The new update can be installed manually using USB or you can used an OTA as another option. The following list will tell you all the changes that Sony Ericsson makes for the Xperia X10 & X8.

  • Addition of some bi-directional languages (Arabic, Farsi, Thai and Hebrew) – All products.
  • Pinch/zoom touch for mobile Internet and Google Maps. – Only Xperia X10.
  • Moxier in an updated version (2.7.13) that includes a great overview widget for e-mail, calendar and tasks.
  • Moxier e-mail shown in Timescape.
  • Possibilities of trimming videos in the phone.
  • Videos are transcoded to fit into MMS-messages even if they were recorded in high quality.
  • Minor changes to Mediascape with access to “Now Playing” in the top right corner.” via