PR 1.1 (firmware 13.0.16) now available for the Nokia C7

“The first firmware update (version 13.0.16) , also known as PR 1.1, is now available for the Nokia C7. The update, which is 6.8MB in size, is available OTA (over the air) and can be downloaded using the ‘SW update’ application. Updates include a noticeable improvement in overall performance (e.g. smoother scrolling and transitions), support for landscape in the dialler (call) application and a number of bug fixes.
PR 1.1 is a relatively minor firmware updates in terms of new features, but does offer a significant performance boost. Major feature additions are expected to arrive PR 2, which will arrive in the near future.
In many cases, the phone will prompt you to install the updated software automatically. However, you can also manually start the process by opening the ‘SW update’ application, which is found in the Applications -> Tools folder. The phone will check for available updates and, if available, prompt you to install them.
PR 1.1 is expected to be available for the Nokia N8 and C6-01 shortly.
After David did some detective work with his C7, we can confirm the following changes:

  • Web is updated from to
  • QuickOffice is updated from 6.2.651 to 6.4.166
  • Adobe Reader LE is updated from 2.5.560 to 2.5.653
  • Meeting requests can be accepted directly from email invitations;
  • Maps integration in email, which means people can view the meeting location on the map when the address is mentioned in the location field in the invite.” via