Crazysoft’s ‘2011 Astrology Pro’ just got updated to 2.0 for all phones!

Astrology Image

Crazysoft’s ‘Astrology and Horoscopes Pro’ just got updated to 2.0 (2011 version) for all platforms and phones!!
All licensed users can get an update for free! Drop an email to the company claiming your free update.
The platforms supported are: Windows Mobile, Bada, Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows, Symbian and Blackberry!!!
I have tried this app and it looks very sleek and cool. Click here to try it for free!

1) Completely redesigned with high resolution graphics
2) Translated into: English, Greek.
3) 2011 Yearly horoscope.
4) Matchmaking by sign.
5) Details on Zodiac Signs
6) 2011 Numerology.
7) More info…

Nokia’s MeeGo device will be called N950, will be out this year

“Despite the shift towards Windows Phone 7, Nokia will still ship a MeeGo device this year. It’s going to be the successor to the Nokia N900 and will be called the N950. We don’t have a photo of the device yet, but Nokia gave reassurances that they are committed to MeeGo, Symbian, Qt and S40 too. At Nokia’s Developer Day, Nokia’s CTO Rich Green gave an extensive talk about the future of current Nokia platforms, MeeGo included. He said that they’re working hard on the N950 and have come up with some “very elegant” hardware and interesting UI. That’s all we have on the Nokia N950 – the Nokia N9 (which was rumored as the coming MeeGo device) might have been canceled and Nokia showed absolutely no new devices at the MWC. Green assured the attending developers that the Nokia N950 is well-stocked as a developer platform and says “we’ll see how that goes”. It sounds like the N950 is aimed more towards devs than the mass market user (not surprising since MeeGo was re-targeted towards long-term market exploration). Nokia’s strategy still relies on Qt development for both Symbian and MeeGo and pushing forward with Java on Series 40, so work on those platforms continues. S40 will be getting a new Ovi Browser that aims to bring mobile Internet connectivity to hundreds of millions of people” via

Review of Dell Streak at mobile

“The tablet is thin and easy to handle. The body is made of plastic with slightly sharp edges courtesy of mere 10 mm of thickness. It can beу comfortably carried in a jacket pocket. Dimensions are 152.9 x 79.1 x 10 mm and the weight is 220 g. The screen is protected by Gorilla glass, so you can forget about scratches. It is not easily soiled either. The front is glossy, while the left and right sides are smooth for a convenient handle of the gadget. It almost resembles PSP or a similar device. Those sides host sensor controls together with light and proximity sensors. The back side uses soft-touch plastic, but the battery cover shows off metal. Streak does not slip out of your hands and it is convenient when you make calls. Under the cover you find a battery, SIM and microSD cards. 16 GB come in the box. When you take the cover out the device switches off to protect data if you believe what the manufacturer mentions on the website. Be ready that you will not be able to replace cards on the fly as you need some time to start and activate the gadget. The overall build is excellent. Dell Streak is extremely handy due to its size. The kit is rich too. Moreover, in the box you can find a pouch, which does not make Streak bulky, a wired headset of high quality sound and design.” Read more here: