CrazySoft’s ‘Hand Reading Pro’ just got updated to 2.0 for all phones!

Hand Reading Pro

‘Hand Reading Pro’ just got updated to 2.0 version for all platforms and phones!!
All licensed users can get an update for free!
Drop an email there to get yours:

1) Completely redesigned with high resolution graphics
2) Translated into: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Russian.
3) Hundreds of high resolution image test.
4) Thousands of detailed palm reading explanations in our own language.
5) Stats for up to 3 different users.
6) Palm lines, Fingers, Marks, Gifts, Shapes and Compatibility. All covered!

Click here to try it for free!

HTC ThunderBolt Review

“The overall design of the HTC ThunderBolt is pleasing, but it isn’t ground-breaking by any means, as it looks to be an amalgamation of other HTC phones, such as the Inspire 4G and EVO 4G, though we like the black and graphite grey colors that are used on the exterior. The phone is constructed out of plastic, but feels quite sturdy, and has a noticeable weight to it, coming in at 6.23oz, making it even heavier than the 5.47oz metal DROID X. The ThunderBolt also has a generous size to it, and feels very “wide” when holding it, so people with smaller hands might not be as comfortable with it. When we placed the phone in our pants pocket, we could feel it there, and after walking some, the weight started to get annoying.” Read more here: