Nokia C6 01 Firmware updated to v14.002

C6-01 PR 1.2C6-01 PR 1.2

More than likely completing the PR 1.2 roll-out on Symbian^3 devices, the AAS C6-01 has received its v14.002 firmware update. Taking care of some smaller issues such as Mail for Exchange, and keeping the various Ovi applications up to date (including Ovi Maps and Ovi Store), this isn’t the big PR 2.0 update that’s been long promised, but is still a recommended download. We think the end of this roll-out process should be drawing to an end, at least for the SIM-free versions of the C6-01 (and C7-00 and N8-00). Your mileage may vary, depending on your geographic location and network! Just as Nokia remind you during the process, we’ll take the time to remind you to back up first as well. Just in case.” via