The Nokia E72 gets v54 firmware update

screenshot screenshot

“Proving, perhaps, that S60 3rd Edition isn’t dead, Nokia has just completed its update of the diminutive qwerty-based E72 to v54 firmware (from v52). For non-network locked phones, anyway. It’s an over-the-air update, just over 1MB in size (though this varies according to region), and is listed as containing “performance and usability improvements”. Comments welcome if you can elaborate on our brief changelog below after updating your E72.
Here’s the changelog, from what we can unearth. Do please comment if you notice something else!

  • SIM Lock 3.0 and B2B Certificate, phase 1 added
  • Startup settings baseline updated (wk47, 2010) (new dates etc.)
  • After a hard reset or on first use, Camera shortcut is replaced with Ovi Store shortcut in the Home screen
  • Removal of Ovi Files (service is now outdated)
  • Vlingo application removed

Anecdotally, some have found that Camera performance is better, especially the auto-focus. “ via