Samsung Infuse 4G review: Extra legroom

In America, it is widely believed that bigger is better. Or so Samsung must have thought when they decided to launch the phone with the biggest and brightest screen first in the United States, and with the biggest network – AT&T. The Samsung Infuse 4G is definitely meant to stand out – its 4.5” Super AMOLED Plus screen is nearly unmatched on the market, and a beauty to look at. It makes 4-inchers look petty and irrelevant. Despite its humongous screen, the Samsung Infuse 4G has an impressively thin body. At 8.99 mm, it is only a tad thicker than a Galaxy S2. It does have an excuse though – it’s packing a larger screen than the current Samsung flagship. That’s the spirit.” Read more here:

Samsung resumes I9000 Galaxy S Gingerbread update

“Well it’s good news for all Galaxy S owners and an incentive for future Galaxy S II owners as Samsung has kept its promise to give the Gingerbread treatment to the Galaxy S at any cost. And it seems that the update is rolling out anew for the ex-flagship.
Samsung kept the promise it made just days ago and that’s deserving of an approving nod.
We remind you that the official update first started rolling out through the Samsung Kies software in March, but was later withdrawn due to issues with it that weren’t mentioned. Rumors had it that the delay was due to bugs.
The update is currently available to some Galaxy S users in the UK, but Samsung has confirmed that it might take a while longer to appear with some carriers.
The Gingerbread update should bring several key improvements to the first Galaxy S smartphone – improved performance, less battery drain as well as some usability tweaks.
We hope this time everything will go smooth and everyone will be able to enjoy the latest Android build on their Galaxy S.” via