Review of HTC Flyer Tablet

“HTC Flyer has two unique features in the controls section, which make it different from the rest. First, the tablet has two sensor controls panels for horizontal and vertical operation. When you hold it in a portrait orientation you see the lighted controls down under the screen. These are Home, Menu and Back buttons and the stylus menu icon. If you go to the landscape mode the panel becomes inactive, while at the bottom of the screen you see an identical panel. You must have already noticed the phenomenon in photo samples. Despite different orientations controls icons always stay under the screen. This feature has one downside though, which is more associated with the lack of appropriate experience. For example, when I was watching a movie on HTC Flyer in the landscape mode I was initially looking for the menu to the right from the screen, which was inactive at the time and I had to look down under the screen. To my mind, apart from that the solution is excellent. It is worth getting used to the fact that despite the screen orientation the controls will stay down under. It is unclear how we could have lived without the option before. The second point here is a so called magic pen. It is a special stylus, which is connected with all preinstalled apps.” Read more here:

Review of Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5 Mini Tablet

“The model is easily soiled due to the glossy back and the glittering front. The looks are strict, while the screen protection has a chrome like rim. The picture is completed by the grilled speaker at the top and the microphone at the bottom. The battery cover cannot be taken off and the back also hosts a camera with the flash and two speakers. In terms of sound reproduction Galaxy S WiFi can be labelled a mini system courtesy of powerful sound, but the quality is not comparable with that of dedicated music systems. You can easily send the radio signal to the speakers and enjoy. The top has a microSD card slot. The dimensions are 141.3 х 78.2 х 9.9 mm with the weight of 200 g.” Read more here: