Windows Phone 7.1 Mango Update

The sales of WP7 phones started in fall of 2010. Mango will become available for all existing phones in September, 2011 and will be free. A year passed between the versions and Microsoft talks about nearly 500 additional functions and updates to the OS. I could not find them all as some are just the corrections of the past mistakes, different interface designs, fixes of deficiencies in previous version. If the first Microsoft OS version simply could not be considered a contemporary smartphone OS in the absence of multitasking and a large number of software limitations, Mango tries to take care of some of the critical shortcomings. The direction of the development is correct, but it is extremely slow. During this time other OS went further and the functionality of Mango does not look revolutionary, it is a rather small number of improvements or gradual development. In the summer of 2010, the Microsoft VP Terry Myerson, responsible for WP7, said that getting the OS to an ideal state may take up to 5 years, and the first version needs to be considered as a starting one. I doubt Microsoft fans need to argue with a man who knows the strengths and the weaknesses of the OS the best. Unfortunately, some fans seem to think they are more Catholic than the Pope, so as a comparison I will provide the examples of a similar Android feature and show how it works. I believe such comparison will be the most open and objective. You can always try the same at home and see how it works.” Read more here: