Samsung working on a WP7 version of the Galaxy S II?

“After sparking a furor in the Android world with its I9100 Galaxy S II flagship Samsung is obviously considering lending the form factor to another platform. A particularly juicy rumor has it that we will be seeing the ultra-powerful hardware run the latest edition of Microsoft’s WP7, Mango.The suspicion comes from a Bluetooth SIG certificate, issued to one Samsung i937. Seeing the profile of the smartphone it’s obvious that it’s a WP7 device and plus the name has already surfaced through Occasional Gamers list of Windows Phone 7 handsets.Now the bit where it shares the Galaxy S II hardware isn’t as certain. It is based on the fact that the model name (SGH-i937) is really close to that of the US version of the Samsung Galaxy S II (SGH-i927). Well that and the fact that we would really love to see the super slim body and huge Super AMOLED Plus screen be available in as many forms as possible.Of course a move to Windows Phone would also require the Galaxy S II chipset to be replaced with a Qualcomm Snapdragon, but those are quite capable too so it’s no biggie.Let’s hope that Samsung doesn’t leave us in the dark for much longer and unveils their upcoming WP7 smartphone soon. With the Mango update more or less bringing the Microsoft platform up to speed with its Android and iOS competitors, there’ll be plenty of people waiting for some hot hardware to be announced to make the jump.” via

Samsung’s Galaxy S II becomes company’s quickest selling phone: three million in 55 days

You probably remember the insane amount of business the original Galaxy S notched up, but its successor, the Galaxy S II, looks set to smash those records. The GalaxyS II is now Samsung’s fastest selling smartphone ever after having sold an incredible 3 million units in just 55 days. That works out to be a handset once every 1.5 seconds bythe way.To put that in context it took the original Galaxy S 85 days to reach the 3 million mark, a full month slower than the Galaxy S II. It was only months later that Samsung announced that the Galaxy S had passed the 10 million sales mark so don’t be surprised if you hear something to the same effect soon with regards to the Galaxy S II.” via