LG unveils Optimus Q2 QWERTY dual core slider

LG Electronics the ease of use, further volunteer opening night performance design will showcase a full QWERTY smartphone. LG Electronics LG from next weekend, to be released exclusively through yupeulreoseureul ‘Optimus Q2’ which caused a frenzy last year, a QWERTY smartphone ‘Optimus Q’ is the successor. After changing the perception of a full QWERTY smartphone, and ease of follow-up model for the response from the spread of a highly reflecting consumer demand for the inconvenience of traditional QWERTY smartphone has greatly improved. ‘Optimus Q2’ 4-inch WVGA display with IPS-grade form of a horizontal slide, be doing a combination of the QWERTY keyboard, though, the entire thickness, 12.3mm, weight 147g thin and light. In particular, compared to existing products thickness 2mm, weight 10g reduces the country’s thinnest, lightest and most of the same family for sale, more spacious keyboard layout is easier to enter.
1.2 gigahertz (GHz) dual-core processor, the brightest of the existing 700 smartphone knit (nit, luminance units) of the IPS display, gingerbread and the operating system to mount the high performance is achieved.Also, apply touch-sensitive front panel buttons, highlight the clean, elegant design and black / white, two species will be released.
In addition, up to 22 times faster compared to Bluetooth to implement the ‘Wi-Fi Direct (Wi-Fi Direct)’ support, authentication and ease of content sharing between devices, 5.0 megapixel camera and video call front camera, was mounted only. LG Electronics nayoungbae MC (Mobile Communications) is responsible for Korea, “one step further with a full QWERTY smartphone QWERTY chulsihae 20-30 hit the preferred customer focus,” said “as a distinctive design and performance of the predecessor, will lead the success story,” he emphasized.

BlackBerry Might Have Slipped To Single Digit Marketshare

“Crads on the table folks, RIM hasn’t been doing too well lately and their recent earnings report for Q2 only added to their decline. Some quick numbers first: BlackBerry subscribers did in fact rise 40% to 70 million or so, which is the highest level ever. However, it’s pretty much all downhill from there; net income dropped by a colossal 60%; average selling price dropped too, and operating margin fell from 21% to just 13%. That looks pretty bad for RIM, but there’s worse to come I’m afraid. An independent analyst, Horace Dediu, noted that RIM’s global marketshare may have slipped into single digits during the past quarter. RIM managed to ship a total of 10.6 million devices, which is short of their own estimate of between 11 million and 12.5 million. It’s even short of some very conservative estimates for RIM’s performance. Dediu states:
In terms of the competition, 10.6 million units is less than half what Apple or Samsung sold in its prior quarter. It’s also less than what HTC sold. RIM’s volume rank will likely go to fifth place as a smartphone vendor.
To be clear the actual figures for global rankings will not be available for another month or so, but Dediu points out that with the general market trend of growing at 77% these sort of figures from RIM indicate that a single digit marketshare globally could very well be on the cards.” via mobile-review.com