Quad Core CPUs for Mobile Devices. Ups and Downs

Over the last six months a lot has changed on the market and if initially NVIDIA Tegra 2 was positioned as flagship solution today you can buy a $300 tablet with Tegra 2 onboard. The market has shifted Tegra 2 into the mid-range segment and there are around 10 to 12 million devices (according to NVIDIA) with this chip. It’s a very impressive result for a neophyte fresh on the market. In 2011-2012 the popularity of Tegra 2 in phones and tablets will continue to grow. The next milestone for NVIDIA will be to improve the architecture to increase the life cycle of the chip set. However, they key product of the company for 2011-2012 will be NVIDIA Tegra 3 and the main feature of this chip set is the Kal-El processor. It will be one of the first quad core processors packed with a bunch of unique features.” Read more here:

U.S. Figures: Android Still Growing In Q3

“Nielsenhave just published their figures for the third quarter in the American market and the results are predictablyin keeping with previous trends. Google’s Android platform continues to advance its dominance of the market at the expense of both Microsodt and RIM. Android finds itself sitting atop 43% of the market, which is an increase from the 39% it held in quarter two this year. That comes about as Microsoft sees its combined platforms (Windows Phoneand Windows Mobile) sliding from 9% in quarter two to 7% this quarter. RIM also lost marketshare to Android, falling from 20% to 18% over the same time period. Apple’s iOS didn’t make any gains, but then it didn’t loose anything either, staying constant on a 28% share of the market. It’s important to note that these figures won’t have taken into account the launch of the iPhone 4S yet so expect tosee iOS nudge up a tad in the next set of results and Apple was yet again the number one smartphone vendor in the U.S.” via mobile-review.com