Android Browser Becomes World’s Most Popular Mobile Browser

“Android’s built in broswer is now the world’s most popular mobile web browser according to new figures from StatCounter. Last month Android’s default browser accounted for 22.67% of the market, which meant that it passed Opera for the first time. Opera was sitting on a 21.7% share by the way. The Android browser had previously claimed fourth place back in March of last year when it passed the BlackBerry browser and had subsequently passed Nokia and Apple too. Apple’s browser is a bit of an odd case here though because when comparing the numbers based soelly on smartphones Android is in first place, however, Apple is still ahead with a 25.36% share when the iPod Touch is taken into account. Neither Nokia or RIM are showing any such numbers though with both companies seeing their share continuing to fall; Nokia on 11.24% and RIM way down at 6.53%.” via