YotaPhone Android prototype with dual LCD and E Ink displays


“Although Russia isn’t known for grand contributions to consumer electronics, it’s piqued our interest with the YotaPhone, a smartphone with an E-Ink display on its backside. Why would anyone want a phone with a secondary E-Ink screen? Yota Devices, a self-described independent “user experience company,” has a few ideas: You might use it to see incoming news headlines, or to keep an eye on calendar appointments, missed calls, reminders or other notifications. The E-Ink display would be easier to read in sunlight, and more importantly, it would hardly effect the phone’s 2,100 mAh battery. The E-Ink screen does have some limitations, however. The screen itself doesn’t accept touch input, but instead relies on a touch-sensitive strip underneath it, which limits its capabilities. Also, there’s no way to directly mirror the main display onto its E-Ink counterpart, so the YotaPhone will have to rely on customized applications from developers to take advantage of the E-Ink screen. While Yota will offer development tools for app makers, getting them to embrace a unique feature on a single phone is always a gamble. (Anyone remember the Kyocera Echo?)” Read more here: