Google’s Moto X is official: Motorola X8 chip, 720p AMOLED, and custom colors for $199

“Ever since Motorola was acquired by Google, Android fans have been eagerly anticipating the first true collaboration from the companies. Googlers pointed out that Motorola had multiple phones in the pipeline when the deal was done, but now all that is behind us. The Moto X is the first Google-approved smartphone from Motorola. Is this the phone you’ve been waiting for, or did the hype oversell it? The device itself weighs 130 grams, or about the same as the Samsung Galaxy S4. The back of the Moto X has an aggressive taper toward the edges. At its thickest point the device is 10.4mm, but slims down to 5.6mm. A 10MP RBGC “Clear Pixel” camera in the middle of the back offers excellent low-light performance — maybe even better than the HTC One, according to our preliminary hands-on testing. The rumored customization options caused rampant speculation, but it’s all superficial stuff. Buyers can pick colors online and have the phone shipped out in four days or less. The phone comes with a black or white front, then any of 18 back colors. Additionally, the accent color around the camera lens and buttons can be any of seven colors. An optional message can be added to the back, as well as a note when the phone boots up. So, what if you don’t like it? Motorola will take it back, customizations and all, for up to 14 days.” Read more here: