Educational Games for Kids for Nintendo Switch just released!

Nintendo Switch™ just released!
Available only as downloadable content for Nintendo Switch.
You can buy this version from Nintendo Switch eShop (Europe and America regions)

Review: (
We thought this game would be of great use if parents were aware of its existence. It can help children’s brain growth, memory, reasoning, problem-solving skills, reflexes and other aspects that they might not get in school.

Released, on both America and Europe regions.
Xbox One: Released, find it here.

Windows 10 Store:
Released, find it here.
Steam: Released on Windows, Mac & Linux, find it here.
Mac Store: Released, find it here. (Free limited version here)

Android: Released on Phones & Tablets, find it here.
iOS: Released on iPhones & iPads, find it here.

Android TV: Released, find it here.
Apple TV: Released, find it here.

More info here

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