Zeus Quest – The Rebirth of Earth will release at 10 June

The new ‘Family Remaster’ V3, Zeus Quest – The Rebirth of Earth will release at 10 June.

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We are giving away 10copies of the new ‘Family Remaster v3’ ‘Zeus Quest – The Rebirth of Earth’ that will release 10/June! (PS5, PS4, Switch, Xbox/PC, Steam)

A classic and funny point & click adventure game. Designed for all the family, including the kids. 4K@120FPS

This is our latest ‘Family Remaster (v3)’ which has made the game perfect for all the family, adults and kids alike! Help Zeus save the planet in one heck of a crazy and hilarious family adventure. A classic point and click adventure game safe for kids. It combines Greek Mythology with Sci-Fi in a funny way! Fully animated @120/60FPS, vector graphics and a huge plot.

More info here.

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